Best Business Universities in Zambia in 2024

Business studies are amongst the most popular fields of study in most universities worldwide. This is due to the rising importance of the setup and operations of businesses and business-related organisations. Such changes in the marketplace, and consequently a high impact on the economies of different countries, have necessitated a demand for trained people in business-related fields.

In recent years, the country of Zambia has experienced tremendous growth in their economy, followed by many commercial centres being set up in its capital. An interesting fact is that the World Bank did a survey in 2020 for Ease of Doing Business and in this survey, Zambia ranked 85th out of the 190 countries. This, therefore, shows a great opportunity for the country where business is concerned, making the study of business-related fields a very popular option among the students there.

The following are some of the high ranking universities in Zambia that one would wish to consider ;

1) University of Zambia

This university is a public one located in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka. It was opened to the public in 1966. Moreover, it is one of the oldest and biggest universities in the country. The university has a main campus called the Great East Road campus, approximately 6 kilometres from the city centre of Great East Road. The second campus is on John Mbita Road, approximately 4 km south East of Lusaka. Other than that, The university’s school of business offers a wide range of business courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate classes. Among the business, courses is a Bachelor of Science in; accounting and finance, human resource management, business management, logistics and transport management, etc. For the postgraduate courses, there is a Master of Business Administration; entrepreneurship, finance, project management etc.

Zambia university’s curriculum is very flexible, as there are both online courses and on-site courses that are also suitable for long-distance learning. In business, the university is ranked 1st in Zambia and 51st overall in Africa, according to Edurank. This is a very high position compared to many other universities both in the country and continent. Hence, it is an excellent global choice for a person desiring to study business-related courses.

2) The Copperbelt university

This is a public university in Zambia, located in Kitwe. It was established in 1987 and is known as the largest university in Zambia. The university also has a branch campus in Ndola. Apart from that, it also 3 has other branches located in various parts of the country. The Copperbelt university boasts of a great increase of its faculties over the years and an impressive number of graduates holding various key positions in the country and even beyond. Moreover, online courses, exchange programmes, and distance learning opportunities make it attractive for local and international students.

The university offers courses in various fields of business, including; accounting and finance, commerce, business management, etc. According to Edurank , it was the 2nd in Zambia,  where the performance in business is concerned, and 168th overall in Africa. Such high performance places the university in high consideration for business studies. Therefore, the students wishing to study in Zambia might consider such an outstanding university.

4) Unicaf University, Zambia

Unicaf university was founded in 2012  in Europe and Is a pan African university, an independent and recognised university with branches in several countries in Africa, one of which is in Zambia. It is situated in Lusaka. Some of the courses taken can either be online or partially on campus, therefore making it versatile for many international students to enrol. Therefore, enrolling on such a campus ensures a lot of interaction with many students globally.

Some of the business courses offered at Unicaf University in Zambia include; a Bachelor’s in marketing, Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and so on. The postgraduate programmes are also available. The university is among the best in business in the country, hence highly recommended for higher education in the field.

5) Rusangu University

Rusangu university, formerly known as Zambia Adventist University, was established in 2003 near Monze in Zambia. It is a private university owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church. It is highly regarded for its high educational standards and research.

In the faculty of business, the university offers a bachelor’s in business administration in various fields such as accounting ,  human resource management, etc. It is also among the best universities offering business courses countrywide and therefore highly recommended.

These universities discussed above offer a wide range of services and top-notch business courses for undergraduate and postgraduate higher learning in the country. In addition, their facilities are among the best compared to other institutions. I would highly recommend these institutions. as the first place to enrol, if inclined to pursue a business course.

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