Today’s Globle Capitals Answer

Well, Globle Game has become exciting. To make it even more fun, Trainwreck Labs developed a further exciting Globle game whose focus is on Capital Cities rather than the countries. This makes you conversant and familiar with different capital cities taking Geography further.

To be honest, I have found it interesting to keep playing these games each new day. I’m always amazed by some of the Capital Cities I never ever heard of in my life. And in no time, I can affirm that I’m now familiarizing with the whole globe. Definitely, with these games, you are able to know your world at your fingertips.


Coming up with the actual answer, however, is not a walk in the park; it can take you hours and at some points even you might give up on the way. This could easily take away your morale if the game always seems challenging. However, don’t worry. I’m here to make the game exciting and a reason why you should try your own luck tomorrow again. I have taken my good time to give you the answers you need to have your today’s Globle Capital solved.

Let’s dive in!

Globle Capital Answer 3rd October 2023

Are you still challenged in finding the answer for Today’s Globle Capital? No Worry, see below quick hints to get you started

Hints for Today’s Globle Capital Answer

Hint 1: It is in a country in Europe

Hint 2: The City’s letter begins with L

Hint 3: It is the capital city of the country whose name begins with Po____

Game Spoiler Alert

Still stuck? Worry not. This is surely not a walk in the pack. I can assure you as well I had to make several guesses while activating some hints before I knew the answer.

Here come a spoiler. If at all you haven’t given up, kindly don’t scroll further, just go back to the hints and make further trials.

However, if you feel it is the time you get the answer now scroll to see the answer.

Yesterday’s Globle Capital Answer for October 2nd, 2023 was Reykjavik

Today’s Globle Capital Answer for October 3rd, 2023 is Lisbon! the Capital City of Portugal

Previous Globle Capital Answers

October 2023 Globle Capital Answers

3rd October 2023 – Lisbon

2nd October 2023 – Reykjavik

1st October 2023 – Tarawa

September 2023 Globle Capital Answers

September 30, 2023Vatican City
September 29, 2023Canberra
September 28, 2023Victoria
September 27, 2023Ottawa
September 26, 2023Bucharest
September 25, 2023Jerusalem
September 24, 2023Ankara
September 23, 2023Tashkent
September 22, 2023Tbilisi
September 21, 2023Belmopan
September 20, 2023Mbabane
September 19, 2023Kuwait City
September 18, 2023Belmopan
September 17, 2023Bratislava
September 16, 2023Tashkent
September 15, 2023Funafuti
September 14, 2023Bamako
September 13, 2023Bishkek
September 12, 2023Quito
September 11, 2023Brazzaville
September 10, 2023Pretoria
September 9, 2023Algiers
September 8, 2023Luanda
September 7, 2023Wellington 
September 6, 2023Beirut
September 5, 2023Bamako
September 4, 2023BELGRADE
September 3, 2023OUAGADOUGOU
September 2, 2023LJUBLJANA
September 1, 2023Quito

August 2023 Globle Capital Answers

August 31, 2023Abuja
August 30, 2023Bishkek
August 29, 2023Athens
August 28, 2023Niamey
August 27, 2023Belmopan
August 26, 2023Maseru
August 25, 2023Conakry
August 24, 2023Tirana
August 23, 2023Dodoma
August 22, 2023Andorra la Vella
August 21, 2023Ljubljana
August 20, 2023Kuwait City
August 19, 2023Budapest
August 18, 2023Saint George’s
August 17, 2023Bogota
August 16, 2023Mexico City
August 15, 2023Honiara
August 14, 2023Skopje
August 13, 2023Cairo
August 12, 2023Bogota
August 11, 2023La Paz
August 10, 2023Basseterre
August 9, 2023Thimphu
August 8, 2023Majuro
August 7, 2023Kingston
August 6, 2023San Jose
August 5, 2023Bucharest
August 4, 2023Malé
August 3, 2023Monaco
August 2, 2023Kampala
August 1, 2023Panama City

July 2023 Globle Capital Answers

July 31, 2023Roseau
July 30, 2023Vilnius
July 29, 2023Paramaribo
July 28, 2023Gitega
July 27, 2023PortauPrince
July 26, 2023Roseau
July 25, 2023Amsterdam
July 24, 2023Niamey
July 23, 2023Dakar
July 22, 2023Lilongwe
July 21, 2023Addis Ababa
July 20, 2023Oslo
July 19, 2023Yerevan
July 18, 2023Libreville
July 17, 2023Managua
July 16, 2023Riyadh
July 15, 2023San Salvador
July 14, 2023Ashgabat
July 13, 2023Cairo
July 12, 2023Baku
July 11, 2023Wellington
July 10, 2023New Delhi
July 9, 2023Saint John’s!
July 8, 2023Yaren
July 7, 2023Budapest

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    1. The answer for 9th July is Saint John’s! (Capital City of Antigua and Barbuda). Sorry I forgot to update the date

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