Wordle Answer Today August 5th (Wordle 411)

The Wordle answer for August 5th on Worldle 411 is Rhyme

RHYME can be difficult to find, as it doesn’t have any duplicate letters. However, it is still possible to find the word with a careful elimination process. The “E” is the easiest letter to find, as it’s a vowel and most players incorporate a general number of those in their starting guess.

The “R” is the next easiest, followed by “M.” That leaves the “H” and “Y,” which should hopefully be found through the careful process of elimination.Players who are struggling to track down the right word may want to try increasing the length of the content they’re working with, in order to make it longer and easier to find.

Having scored 3/6, today’s wordle answer is quite quick exciting.

The answer for today May 12th a name which is the past participle of the name sling. From the game, I chose to begin with the word those as it contains 2 vowels. With this, ‘S’ was the only letter which is in the name but in the wrong position.

My second guess was the word Squad having changed the position of S from the previous word ‘Those’ to change the position. Luckily enough, the letter ‘S’ and ‘U’ were all in the wordle answer and also in the correct position.

With this, I then found out that the other best answer and simplest name beginning with a ‘S’ and containing a ‘U’ is the word ‘Slung’. On inputting the name, it emerged to be the correct answer. Wow, and here is what we have for today.

Today’s wordle game answer for May 12, 2022, is SLUNG.

How was your experience? Could you share it in the comment section?

Let’s meet tomorrow for another amazing answer for your wordle game.

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What is the Wordle Game

Wordle is a daily word game where any player has only six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Feedback for each guess is given in the form of colored tiles to indicate if the letters match the correct position. The colors include;

  • Green Color – Letter in the 5-letter word and in its correct position
  • Yellow Color – Letter in the 5-letter word but in a wrong position (consider changing the position of the letter but include it in the following attempts)
  • Grey Color – Letter not in the 5-letter word (Don’t guess words with any greyed letter as it can never be the right answer)


WORDLE will only give you 6 trials on your attempts. Ensure you maximize your attempts to have the quickest answer and to avoid running out of trials.

Each guess must be a valid five-letter word. Hit the enter button to submit.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

Where to Play

You can play Wordle each day at nytimes.com/games/wordle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my game statistics to the new Wordle site?

No. Players no longer have the ability to transfer their game streak or stats to the new Wordle site.

Why is today’s word different for different people?

The New York Times made changes to the list of accepted five letter word solutions. To ensure your game is in sync with the updated version, you can refresh the website where you play Wordle.

Do I have to register with The New York Times or pay to play Wordle?

No. Wordle is free to play. You do not have to register or sign in to play.

Have you changed the way I play Wordle?

We are updating the word list over time to remove obscure words to keep the puzzle accessible to more people, as well as insensitive or offensive words. To ensure your game is in sync with the updated version, you should refresh the website where you play Wordle. We have not made any changes to the basic functionality or rules of the game. We are committed to continuing what makes the game great.

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