Top Banks in Zambia

In this article we will enclose the top best banks in Zambia. There are many best banks in Zambia which operates nationwide and that are legally registered. These banks offers the best financial services to their clients. Getting the best bank has not been easy in Zambia because each bank has its own way oy of operation. You can find management in one bank is efficient and at some point you get in another bank very quick but at an expense of high interest rates.

Again, the function of banks is to lend deposits for important sectors of the economy which are; mining industry, agriculture and commerce among many more where they pay interest at lower rates to the depositors and receives interests on loans and advances from them at higher rates.

Below is the list of the top banks in Zambia

1) Zambia National Commercial Bank PLC [Zanaco]

Zanaco is the largest bank in Zambiawith its headquarters and main branch being in Zanaco House at the corner of Cairo Road and Chainda Place. It is mainly known as Zanaco with a branch network of 60 branches and agencies and over 200 automated teller machines, spread across the entire country. Zanaco also has over 8,000 Zanaco Xpress agents all over the country.

Location and Contact Details

This bank is located at Lusaka, Zambia and its address is P.O. BOX 33611, Lusaka and you can contact them through phone number; +260-211-228979/82.

Zambia National Commercial Bank Plc

Head Office

P.O Box 33611

Cairo Road



2) United Bank For Africa [UBA] Zambia

Mainly known as UBA Zambia, United Bank of Africa Zambia is a subsidiary Bank of the United Bank for Africa that is headquartered in Nigeria. UBA Zambia was founded in 2010 with headquarters being in Lusaka, Zambia. Its main branch located at Stand 22768, Acacia Park, at the Corner of Great East Road and Thabo Mbeki Road, in the central business district of Lusaka

To get services from this bank call phone +260-211-255897 and you can locate them through address P.O. BOX 36794 Lusaka, Zambia.

Contact Details

United Bank for Africa Zambia Ltd Acacia Park Stand 22768 Corner, Great East/Thabo Mbeki Road Lusaka P O Box 36789, Lusaka 10101


General line – 260 971779718 (8am-5pm)

CFC Anglophone line – +260 211 389500 (24/7 line)

+260 211 389501

+260 211 389502

+260 211 389503

3) Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited [Stanbic]

Stanbic Bank Zambia is one of the best banks you will find in Zambia which operates a branch network of 13 branches in Zambia. It is a subsidiary of The Standard Bank Group which currently trades as Stanbic Bank in several African countries.

This is another best bank in Zambia and their address is P.O. BOX 32111, Lusaka, Zambia and you can also call phone +260-211-229285-6.

Contact Details

Stanbic Bank

Stanbic House

Plot 2375, Addis Ababa Drive

P O Box 31955

Lusaka, ZAMBIA

Customer Care Centre: 8200



Social Media

twitter: @StanbicBankZM

fb: Stanbic Bank Zambia

Operating Hours

Mondays to Fridays: 8 am to 5pm

Saturdays:  8:30 am to 12pm

4) Standard Chartered Bank Zambia PLC [Stanchart]

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia is one of the best commercial banks in Zambia which is a subsidiary of the Standard Chartered. It is headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia and has a branch presence in Lusaka and the Copperbelt. Standard Chartered has over 60 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with some doubling up as Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs). It was the first bank in Zambia to lauch the first-ever digital bank which was in June 2019.

Location, Address and Contact Details

The bank is located at Lusaka Zambia and their address us P.O. BOX 32238 Lusaka Zambia and their phone is +260-211-229242-60.

Address:  PO Box 32238, Standard House, Cairo Road, Lusaka 10101, Zambia

Phone:  +260 1229242

Fax:   +26 01 220106

Email Us:

Email: …


5) Investrust Bank PLC [Investrust]

Address P.O. BOX 32344, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone; +260-211-294682/5

6) Indo-Zambia Bank Limited [Indo-Zambia]

Address; P.O. BOX 35411, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; =260-211-224653

7) Inter Market Banking Corporation Limited [Intermarket]

Address; P.O. BOX 35832, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-227227-8

8) First Capital Bank Zambia Limited [FCB]

Address; P.O. BOX 32678, Lusaka, Zambia

Phone; +260-211-368700

9) First Alliance Bank Zambia Limited [FAB]

Address; P.O. BOX 36326, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-229303-6

10) First National Bank Zambia Limited [FNB]

Address; P.O. BOX 36187, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-366800

11) Finance Bank Zambia Limited [FBZ]

Address; P.O. BOX 36762, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-221808

12) Citibank Zambia Limited [Citibank]

Address; P.O. BOX 30037, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-444492/93

13) Cavmont Bank Limited [Cavmont]

Address; P.O. BOX 32222, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-224280/6/7

14) Ecobank Zambia Limited [Ecobank]

Address; P.O. BOX 36187, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-250202/4

15) Bank of China Zambia Limited [BOC]

Address; P.O. BOX 34550, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone +260-211-238711

16) Absa Bank Zambia Limited PLC [Absa Bank]

Address; P.O. BOX 31936, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone; +260-211-225553

17) AB Bank Zambia Limited [Access]

Phone; +260-211-220830/33

18) African Banking Corporation Zambia Limited [BankABC]

Address; P.O. BOX 39501, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone +260-211-227941

19) Access Bank Zambia Limited [AB Bank]

Address; P.O. BOX 38173, Lusaka, Zambia,

Phone +260-211-220830/33

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