Top 10 Biggest Hospitals in Zambia

Getting a hospital that is well staffed and that offers the best services can be challenging in Zambia. However, in this article, I will guide you in the ten of the best hospitals in Zambia where you one can visit and get the best services ever. Below is the list of the best hospitals in Zambia, their locations and contacts as well.

1) University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

The University Teaching Hospital UTH Lusaka Zambia ‣ Just seek it.

This is the biggest hospital in Zambia. Formerly known as Lusaka Hospital, University Teaching Hospital (UTH) contains a bed capacity of 1,655 beds. Being the largest and one of the best hospitals in Zambia, it has been used in training local medical students, nurses and other health professionals

With the aim to provide quality health care, the University Teaching Hospital is known for providing the best healthcare in the country through its innovative interventions. Again, it works as a referral center and specializes in departments like, physiotherapy, pediatrics, general surgery and gynecology.

Over a period of time, the institution has built capacity in various areas of specialization such as Cardiology; Cardiac Surgery, ART, PMTCT, Ophthalmology, ENT, Urology, Orthopaedics and Pulmonary medicine.

To get services from the hospital, it is located in Nationalist RD, Lusaka, Zambia and its phone Address is +260 211 251 451

Other contact Details for the University Teaching Hospital are as below;




TEL: +260 211 251451

FAX: +260 211251948


To know more about the University Teaching Hospital together with its history, Click Here

2) Beit Cure Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

If you are looking for a hospital specializing on children suffering from treatable disabilities, then this is the hospital to go for. Beit Cure Zambia was established in 2006 where it has performs more than 1,600 life-changing reconstructive, orthopedic, ENT, and audiological surgeries each year. Beit Cure is a subsidiary hospital of Cure International.

The hospital specializes in treatment of children with physical disabilities and is one of the few hospitals that can address the surgical needs of children in Zambia. This hospital’s services are based on pediatric orthopedics and reconstructive plastic surgery where it’s campus has six buildings with 45 patient beds in the children’s ward and 16 in the private patient ward. Also, the hospital has a general building, three operating theatres and an outpatient clinic.

The hospital Address is PO BOX 36961 Lusaka, in Zambia and its phone number is +260 950 740 125.

3) Progress Medical Centre, Kitwe, Zambia

Progress Medical Centre is a private hospital in Kitwe which commenced its operation in 2005. Its focus is in provision of cute care, specialist-orientated, multi-disciplinary hospital services and related service offerings.

In this hospital, they offer high-quality medical care and it is a private hospital that has been operating as from 2005. This hospital is preferred by patients for it has safe and friendly environment. Moreover, it specializes in urology, dentistry and general surgery among many more.

The hospital’s Address is Progress Medical Centre, Plot 6600, Northumberland Close, Parklands, Kitwe, Zambia. The phone number is +260 966 922 933.

Phone1: +260 966 922 933

Phone 2: +260 212 224 060

Phone3: +260 970 322 929



4) Pearl of Health Hospital, Zambia

This hospital is known for providing world-class care and treatment to it’s patients in Zambia. It is also known for its expert physicians and caring clinical staff where it can provide you with exceptional care. The hospital offers several departments like; urology, gynecology, cardiology, hematology, ophthalmology, ENT, pediatrics among many more.

What makes this hospital to be one of the best is through their personalized patient care. Their main services divided in different departments which include;

  • Surgery
  • Maternity
  • Laboratory

To know more about this hospital, Click Here to visit their website today

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The hospital is located at Bwinjimfumu Rd, Lusaka in Zambia and its contact details are:

  • Call: +260 211 237 782
  • Email: info@

5) Victoria Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia

Best Hospitals in Zambia

Victoria Hospital has several branches which are located in; Lusaka, Mazabuka and Chilinga and their Address is 5498 Lunsefwa Rd, Lusaka 10101, Zambia. The telephone numbers are as follows:

Lusaka: +260 95 5255798 +260 21 129,

Mazabuka: +260 95 5606090

Chilinga: +260 96 8343098. +260 95 4736160.

This hospital is as a result of Mr. Harish Naik idea who is a local businessman from Monze which is located in Southern Zambia and was established in 2004. The aim of building the hospital was to offer professional care to all Zambian residents. The hospital is one of the country’s leading hospitals where it specializes on endocrinology, orthopedics, cardiology, psychiatry, general surgery and oncology.

6) Coptic Hospital, Lusaka Zambia

This is one of the best hospitals in Zambia whose aim is to offer affordable healthcare to a many patients. Many patients acknowledge the hospital with a lot of outstanding facilities and professionalism. It specializes on; gynecology, nuerology, dentistry, cardiology, general surgery and nephrology among others.

The Coptic Hospital is located in Manchichi Rd, Lusaka 10101, Zambia and if you want an appointment and assistance you can contact phone: +260 211 290 508.

7) Chitokoloki Hospital, Zambia

This hospital was founded by Christian missionaries and is located through the following address; Box 50, Chitokoloki, Zambezi, Zambia and you can get them through phone: +260 977 539 815. The hospital is a Mission Station, where is known for serving the people who are from all over Zambia providing various services like density and eye care.

Chitokoloki Hospital has been in service of patients and people of Zambia for over six years.

8) Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

The hospital was founded by Dr. J Agarwal together with his wife Dr. T Agarwal in Chennai, India. It was initially opened as an eye clinic though it became an eye hospital with time and expanded to other countries all over the globe.

Dr. Agarwal Hospital caters; Laser correction, cataract, retinal problems, neuro-ophthalmology and glaucoma among many.

This hospital is located in Stand 599, Protea Road, Lusaka, Zambia.[Landmark: Opposite Fairview Hotel/ Off Church Road] and you can contact them on phone: +260 211237560/ +260 953489823 and is equipped with the latest technologies and gives its patients a hotel-like experience.

9) Mary Begg Community Clinic, Ndola, Zambia

This clinic was established in 2009 and it developed into an integrated cottage hospital which offers a wide range of services and it currentlty stands as a Class A Private Hospital.

Mary Begg hospital has grown into having branches which are; Ndola, Kansanshi, Trident, Kabitaka and their address are; 43 Chintu Avenue, Northrise, Ndola, Zambia. You can get appointment by calling phone: +260 212 628000/ 212 628002/ 212 628003-99.

The hospital’s specializations are urology, gynecology, dermatology, dentistry, general surgery and pediatrics.

10) CFB Medical Centre, Lusaka

This is a private health care that is located in Lusaka, Zambia and can contact them though phone +260 97 9700100. It is well known for providing efficient, excellent, quality and safe care by using latest technology and best-accepted practices.

Moreover, it is popular for giving a safe environment for its patients while treating them. The several departments includes; nephrology, pediatrics, neurology, ENT and cardiology.

With this, you can be sure to have the best health services ever from Zambia. If you think, otherwise on our list, kindly comment below as we share to have the best services on everyone.

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