The Best Engineering Universities In Kenya

Engineering is a major course in Kenya. Many students desire to pursue engineering in different institutions across the country. However, it is very important to select the best institution to avoid disappointments in the end since the course is broad and mostly requires sufficient facilities.

Engineering is a wide course and hence requires specialization. When selecting the best engineering universities in Kenya, it is important to look at the various engineering fields that the university offers.

Most universities in Kenya offer common branches of engineering. However, some universities have taken a step ahead and introduced other branches such as Mechatronics engineering which was rarely offered in Kenyan Institutions. Mechatronics engineering is classified under Mechanical engineering.

There are so many engineering courses that are hardly recognized at a glance such as instrumentation engineering, petroleum engineering, bio-systems engineering, nuclear engineering, acoustical engineering, information engineering, environmental engineering, and architectural engineering.

However, most of the above-mentioned courses are classified under the major branches of Engineering offered in Kenya which include:

  1. Computer engineering.
  2. Chemical engineering.
  3. Electrical engineering.
  4. Mechanical engineering.
  5. Civil engineering.

The best engineering Universities in Kenya

1) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)

Established in 1981 JKUAT is recognized as the best engineering university in Kenya. Its growth in engineering has been rapid since 1981. Located in the outskirts of Nairobi, specifically Juja in Kiambu, JKUAT currently boasts of hosting both domestic and international students.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

JKUAT does not offer diplomas for engineering courses on any of its campuses across the nation.

Engineering courses accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya to JKUAT include:

a) School of Electrical, Electronics & Information Engineering

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering.
  • Telecommunications and Information Engineering.

b) School of Civil Environmental & Geospatial Engineering

  • Civil Engineering.
  • Geomatics Engineering and Geospatial Information Science.

c) School of Mechanical, Manufacturing, & Materials Engineering

  • Mechatronic Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Marine Engineering.
  • Mining & Mineral Processing Engineering.

b) Biosystems & Environmental Engineering.

  • Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

JKUAT has hosted and still hosts many innovation conferences that majorly focus on engineering and industrialization. For instance, the JKUAT Scientific, Technological and Industrialization Conference, 16th edition focused on ‘Engineering technologies, built environment and infrastructure for industrialization as one of its major objectives. The conference has been hosted by JKUAT since 2005.

2) The University Of Nairobi (UON)

This is the oldest University in Kenya. Located at the heart of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. It is one of the most famous institutions in Africa. UON is famous for offering Law and Medicine.

UON attracts a majority of the students both domestically and internationally. It, therefore, has a big population. For this reason, it offers engineering courses for undergraduate students.

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UON is the most sought- after University in Kenya, the Engineers Board of Kenya (ERB) has accredited UON to offer the following engineering courses:

  1. Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Civil Engineering.
  3. Agricultural Engineering.
  4. Electrical Engineering.
  5. Biosystems Engineering.

3) Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology (DeKUT)

Dedan Kimathi University is fast rising to become one of the best engineering institutions in Kenya. The University received its charter in 2012 but was established in 2007. Located in Nyeri, the University offers some of the best engineering courses.

DeKUT, as mainly known, secures this top rank since it is equipped with an Advanced Design, Manufacturing, and Training Center facility (ADMATC). Most Universities that were established earlier/before DeKUT, do not have this facility making DeKUT one of the best engineering universities in Kenya. With this facility, it is able to provide international-level engineering training.

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DeKUT has been accredited to offer the following courses:

  1. Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  3. Mechatronic Engineering.
  4. Civil Engineering.

DeKUT participates actively in engineering and innovation summits since they have the ADMATC facility.

4) Moi University, School of Engineering

Moi University was established in 1984. Located in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu, Moi University belongs to the ‘big 5’ public universities in Kenya. Just like the University Of Nairobi, Moi University is known for offering the best courses in Medicine.

Moi University Courses, Application, Intake, Fees and Contacts - Nyongesa  Sande

However, the university is accredited to offer the following engineering courses making it one of the best universities:

  1. Electrical &Telecommunications Engineering.
  2. Productions Engineering.
  3. Chemical & Process Engineering.
  4. Textile Engineering.
  5. Industrial & Textile Engineering.
  6. Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
  7. Civil & Structural Engineering.
  8. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering.
  9. Mechanical &Production Engineering.

The university also offers post-graduate courses in some engineering courses such as Structural Engineering, Water Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

5) Egerton University.

This is also one of the oldest Universities in Kenya. Located in Njoro, Nakuru County, Egerton University has majorly specialized in agricultural courses. Most of its campuses do not offer many engineering courses other than agricultural.

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However, the main campus has a faculty of engineering and technology. Some of the major engineering courses that the university is accredited to offer include:

  1. Agricultural engineering.
  2. Manufacturing Engineering.
  3. Software Engineering and technology.
  4. Civil Engineering.
  5. Water & Environmental Engineering.

The university secures this top rank of engineering university since it is the best in agricultural engineering competing closely with JKUAT.

6) Kenyatta University, School of Engineering (KU)

Kenyatta University was the third institution to be made a university in 1985. Located in Nairobi along the Thika Super Highway, KU is the best in ARTS and Education courses in the country. It also ranks well in offering Medicine.

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Unlike most big universities, KU offers and has been accredited to offer Certificates, diplomas, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. in engineering. The engineering courses offered include:

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Electrical Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.

7) The Technical University Of Mombasa. (TUM)

The coastal region of Kenya has two major universities, the Pwani University and TUM.

Technical University of Mombasa on the spot over buying TV set for Sh  910,689 | Mombasa County News | Baraka FM 95.5 FM

Located in Mombasa City, TUM was initially a national polytechnic. However, it is accredited to offer the following engineering courses:

  1. Civil Engineering.
  2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering.

8) Masinde Muliro University Of Science and Technology

Initially known as Western University College of Science and Technology, Masinde Muliro University is one of the biggest institutions in the western region.

Masinde Muliro University registered as a TVET institute

It offers 3 major engineering courses which are:

  1. Civil and Structural Engineering.
  2. Electrical and Communication Engineering.
  3. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

9) The Technical University Of Kenya (TUK)

TUK was a technical institute before it was made a university. It is located right at the heart of the city.

The university does not have the capacity to offer so many engineering courses. However, it produces the best students in the few courses it offers.

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The engineering courses offered at TUK include:

  1. Electrical Engineering.
  2. Mechanical Engineering.


There are many other institutions offering engineering courses at certificate and diploma levels. Most of the well-known universities in Kenya do not offer diploma and certificate levels for engineering course.

When selecting the university to join for an engineering course, it is important to visit the university’s website so as to learn their strong courses in the engineering field. For instance, mechatronics and robotics engineering are best offered by JKUAT and DeKUT. For agricultural engineering, Egerton University is the best and can be substituted by JKUAT.

Most Universities are yet to be accredited to offer engineering courses so that more students pursue the courses in those universities.

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